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Services for players

Soccerworks offers players a wide package of services, from the very start of a career to what happens after that career has ended. Soccerworks ensures that players can concentrate on the main task: football...


Soccerworks works together with reputable partners who are active in the fields of fiscal, financial and legal advice. In this way Soccerworks is in a position during contract negotiations to examine what the financial implications would be by arranging the contract.

However, after arranging the contract we can also play the role of the sportsman. This may involve dealing with tax returns, detailed financial planning or asset management. Other services we can provide include doing the administration, the provision of legal advice in all areas or the arrangement of insurances; Soccerworks has the in-house expertise to take any concerns in these areas away from the player.

Depending on wishes and requirements, Soccerworks is able to offer a tailor-made package of services. This means that players do not need to sit around the table with lots of different parties in order to discuss their financial and legal affairs: Soccerworks looks after all of this. This means that players can then focus on what is ultimately important.


Sportsmen and coaches often have to relocate to another city or even abroad in order to do their jobs.
Soccerworks seeks to make this process as easy as possible for the sportsman or coach so that he can concentrate solely on his sport. This is the best thing as Soccerworks are able to sort out all the preconditions. We believe that it is very important that the player/sportsman feels at home at all times. We are convinced that this will always help his performance.

Soccerworks is able to provide assistance with the following tasks:

  • the buying or renting of a house. This will be done through a local estate agent.
    This will be arranged by one of the Soccerworks staff who has worked for 8 years as an estate agent.
  • help with housekeeping
  • child care or child-minding
  • help with arranging insurances and finding a good bank
  • good schools for the children
  • registration with various agencies.

In short, anything in which you don’t want to put too much of your time into.


Soccerworks looks after the marketing activities of its affiliated players. The management of personal likeness publishing rights, the achievement of the perfect match with parties from business or charitable organisations, and the development of concepts in which both the personality of the player and the interests of third parties are shown at their best are in reliable hands at Soccerworks.

Life after football

Every football career comes to an end and some players may find trouble in filling in their time after their careers have ended. A common misconception is that “something will eventually turn up”. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

For this reason Soccerworks stimulates its players to prepare themselves for the time after their football careers. We advise on the choices and follow up with training courses or training in all possible areas. Whether this is inside or outside of football.